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One on One sessions with Stephanie incorporate intuition, guidance and movement.  Before you meet, Stephanie will ask you to email her photographs of yourself and your loved ones.  She will read your images using psychometry, an intuitive technique that involves holding or touching objects as a gateway into the past, present or future.


In person, you and Stephanie will speak together and tune into each other's energy. When dancing together, Stephanie will offer gentle and clear direction working with the 5Rhyhtms map. She simultaneously taps into the energies and emotions that arise while dancing, she will enter into an ecstatic state with the goal for you to do this as well!   


As the dance concludes, you sit in silence together. This process enables Stephanie to open up to guidance, pure truth and seeing beyond this realm.  Your time with Stephanie will culminate in her sharing what she "sees" for you and her intuitive guidance. You will have a chance to share your experience and process as well. 

Contact Stephanie for a session at

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